MP3 Stereo Problem Cured?

The Blaupunkt stereo and its inability to play entire CDs of MP3’s was the only real issue I’ve had during my ownership of the Panda, so it gives me great pleasure to – for now – put the problem to rest.

I had been burning my CDs with an HP laptop and a program by Sonic, which although slow, did the job.  I have recently switched over to an Apple Mac and having transfer my music library over to iTunes on my MacBook, decided to burn a new CD to give it a try for our brief recent holiday.

On went ninety or so tracks and the CD played from beginning to end, twice, without a hitch!  So, I can only presume it was my older laptop’s DVD burner or the Sonic program which didn’t agree with the Panda’s stereo.  If anyone else out there has had the same problem, try another PC or try iTunes to burn it.  It’s so far worked for me!

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  1. 1 george Apr 15th, 2009 at 9:09 pm


    Been a while since any update…all well with the car?

    I bought the 100hp’s spiritual cousin if you like last month – the abarth 500. reminds me in a lot of ways of the 100hp i test drove last year, as it no doubt should with it sharing a lot of the panda’s design and components – just a bit quicker!

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