A Well Deserved Holiday – 100hp Style!

After many months of the Panda doing a simple, slow and short journey everyday, we took a small holiday outside of Athens, giving the 100hp 600 kilometres to stretch its legs.  We headed off and took a 150km journey along the old National road of Greece before turning off towards Arahova and Delphi which despite being known as a winter destination it’s also ideal as a summer one as you avoid the crowds.

Anyone familiar with Delphi will know how mountainous the area is, so we had a great mix of fast motorway and wide, twisty mountainside roads on which to play.  Before setting off naturally I checked the oil and coolant, and although the oil was fine, the Panda needed coolant.  We picked up some Paraflu from Fiat and topped it up to the maximum.  I didn’t notice the car running any differently (as it’s always steady in the middle of the temperature dial), but the airconditioning seemed more effective!  

With a final fuel fill-up and tyre pressure check, we were on our way.  The National road is a hideous stretch of tarmac, filled with even more careless drivers than Athens itself, and this time traveling considerably faster.  But at a steady 120kph, it soon passes and as long as you keep your eyes on the idiots around you, it’s all fine.  Turning off the three-lane road gives a new challenge, as everyone moving quickly know has a single lane road on which to make progress – resulting in dangerous overtaking moves, often over double white lines.

Once into Arahova and friving around the magnificent mountain roads, it’s all much more civilised.  Exploration was enjoyable and just taking an unusual route revealed another impressive view and many hairpin bends followed by long straights.  Best of all was the quality of the roads themselves, as they yielded much more grip than the central city tarmac at home.  Here is a picture of the Panda enjoying the scenery.


This short break reminded me of what a great car the 100hp is, especially with Sport mode on and making quick progress!  Hopefully it won’t be too long until a similar trip.

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